Adalaj Stepwell (અડાલજની વાવ) is a located ~20km north of Ahmedabad, India. Built in the 15th century, its story is quite fascinating.

There was a kingdom ruled by a king and queen. One day, the Mughals rolled into town. The leader of the Mughals killed the king, but saw that the queen was beautiful, and wanted her for himself. She refused.

He was persistent, though. She finally said yes — but on one condition. She wanted him to build this stepwell. She wanted a stepwell specifically to provide water and a cool place to rest for residents and travelers.

It took many years, with many modifications, but it was finally complete. He showed her the stepwell, and told her that now that it was done, she's his.

She said nope, and threw herself down the well.

The ultimate troll.