I wanted to change up my running route this morning, so I decided to run east instead of west. I decided to take my morning run through a graveyard.

As soon as I entered the graveyard, I stopped running. All of a sudden, the outside world didn’t matter. I just started walking and reading the inscriptions of the gravestones around me.

Then, all of a sudden, I realized something. I was alone. I didn’t hear any cars, any people, or any trains. I looked around. I couldn’t see anything except for trees and graves.

“This is what’s left after you leave this Earth,” I thought to myself. “Silence.”

I started walking back. Then, a grave caught my eye. It was the grave for someone who was only 24 years old when he died.

I’m 24 years old right now.

If I died today, who would I leave behind? What would be my legacy in this world?

I’ve asked these questions to myself before, but I was never forced to confront them with such morbidity.

Ironically, I am currently the healthiest I have ever been in the past 6+ years.

I decided not to think about it too much though, because I’m still 24. Because I’m still young and I should live it up. Because in my 20's I should work all day and party all night. Because there’s always tomorrow to do something meaningful with my life. Because YOLO.