Colophon · Built with Copilot

I switched from Weblow to being built with Astro.js, written in Markdown, and hosted on Vercel. And, I did it in half the time thanks to Copilot.

For my personal site, the goal has always been to keep it super simple for me to maintain. It was on Webflow for that reason. However, out of curiosity of better SSGs (static site generators), development tools, and AI (and a desire to save some money), I decided to build it myself.

Using Copilot to refactor my code and ask questions about Astro, as well as to debug, is a workflow I cannot see myself going back from.

No-code, low-code, or full code doesn’t matter anymore. There’s a place for all of it. The future is going to be about how we can use AI to help us build better software.


  • Jake for helping me implement JWTs by myself for the first time and debug serverless issues. (Note: Vercel might be more featured packed, but Netlify has better logging for debugging issues!)
  • Fred for inspiring me to include a Now page and to blog regularly.
  • Stacy for giving great advice on how to decide which work samples to write about.
  • Nelle for giving great case study examples to learn from.
  • Marco for his continued inspiration and feedback.