Case Studies

  • Innovating and iterating AI features for a AI powered low-code development platform

    Innovating AI for Developers at Dynaboard

    2022 · Founding Designer

    I was responsible for product design, brand, and more.

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  • Developing Cross-Functional Process across EPD for a division of 50+

    MongoDB: Process at Scale

    2020 · Product Design Manager, Lead

    This is a story behind how not jumping to conclusions about interpersonal dynamics led to a new cross-functional process across EPD for a division of 50+.

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  • Hiring for technical roles, and helping to scale from 7 to 34+ designers in a year

    Hiring and Leading at MongoDB

    2019 · Product Design Manager, Lead

    Here’s how I hired designers for technical products and helped scale the team from 7 to 34+ designers in a year.

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  • Founding team for MongoDB Stitch, a serverless platform

    Building MongoDB Stitch

    2017 · Senior Product Designer

    Case studies from incubating MongoDB App Services, formerly known as MongoDB Stitch.

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  • Founded the new Saavn for Android

    Saavn for Android

    2014 · Senior Product Designer & Front-End Developer

    Founded, designed, and developed the new Saavn for Android. Increased MAUs to 11mm+.

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    • Seqera
    • Current
    Head of Design 2024 — Present

    Leading our product design and brand design teams. Seqera's mission is to support effortless analysis and collaboration on scietnfici data, enabling researches to make ground-breaking discoveries.

    • Dynaboard
    • Acq. Figma
    Head of Product Design 2022 — 2023

    Dynaboard was an AI accelerated low-code app builder. Bring your own resource, and we'll autogenerate your application for you. Users could drag and drop visual components such as tables and buttons, and write attached server-side and client-side TypeScript -- all thanks to WebAssembly. I wore a lot of hats here.

  • Unqork Lead Product Designer 2021 — 2022

    Unqork is a no-code platform for enterprises, specifically for insurance markets. I led design for Workflow Orchestration, and defined company-wide KPIs for onboarding and extensibility. Defined and streamlined cross-functional process for product design.

    • MongoDB
    • Nasdaq: MDB
    Product Design Manager 2017 — 2020

    Helped create MongoDB Stitch, a serverless platform for developers. We abstracted away everything developers need to build an application on MongoDB, so they can focus on business logic. I managed and hired designers for Stitch, Growth, and Education Design. Helped grow the overall design team from ~7 to 34.

  • COTA Product Designer 2014 — 2016

    COTA is technology-forward oncological data organization. We innovated a new way to analyze and organize healthcare data by aggregating and anonymizing disparate oncological data sets, and creating an analytics platform to allow providers to get access to the best care for their patients.

    • Saavn
    • Later Acq. Reliance
    Senior Designer 2013 — 2014

    Saavn is a music streaming platform geared towards South Asians around the world. I designed and built our flagship Android app with a team of engineers. Was also responsible for Growth design, and parts of the web app. Increased MAUs by 5mm+ through experimentation and feature launches.

    • Livestream
    • Later Acq. Vimeo
    Web Designer 2011 — 2013

    Livestream was the first live video streaming platform built for scale. I worked on the design and development of mini-apps for enterprise customers, the website, as well as the Livestream mobile apps for end users. I also worked on the Livestream Broadcaster hardware product, from packaging to branding and everything in between.